E-Commerce Web Hosts – Acquire Essential Hosting Plans

When you set up your e-commerce business, it is indispensable to decide the best e-commerce web hosting. You want your online store to offer your clients, not rotate them absent, so that issues such as security, in co-operation the regular and for you, and a basket reliable are important factors. Other important issues are reliability and excellent customer support. Here is a list of best e-commerce web hosts providers to the forefront. With increasing of the internet usage, companies know latest ways to enlarge their horizons to new markets and create new opportunities and new challenges. The Internet raises a variety of opportunities for businesses to succeed online. However, the creation of a website is not as simple as it seems. It is imperative that sites are targeted and functional, easy to use and offer a quality.

The internet is powerful and pervasive as to allow small businesses to access markets and expand an occurrence that permits them to compete with industry giants. Therefore, if you have a business, go online to buy a best e-commerce web hosting plan which is an admirable means to attain superior visibility. So exactly how small businesses compete? Most small and medium-sized online businesses are not able to host their own sites in-house. Cost of operating a service in-house development and data center is too expensive. Therefore, these small businesses are looking for companies specializing in web hosting. There are e-commerce businesses many of which offer accommodation to their customers and tailored services of high quality for even the smallest e-business have a web presence quickly and cheaply. These specialized best e-commerce hosting providers let many clients to take advantage of economies of scale operating large data centers. Economies met on everything from hardware, software licenses, bandwidth, backup systems, and systems of environmental management. But as an online business, you must consider all factors before deciding which your hosting partner is will be.

Why go for the best e-commerce hosting providers? For reliability and flexibility to your account and are not tied up at the lower end of the hosting plan. If you come about to be a designer, e-commerce web hosting is a good option, because the ease of sharing an account number. And shopping carts are included in most plans, easy to sell products then it creates web host to help you find the best e-commerce solutions. Are looking for articles on various issues relating to hosting and e-commerce software solutions? These include how-to articles, reviews of hosting / assessments, and other issues of e-commerce.

Best e-commerce hosting- With so many companies that claim to be the best host of electronic commerce may be hard to locate the best hosting right. Best web hosting knows how to find the best hosts of electronic commerce and is ready to tell you how! Go after the tips and you must be able to find the best e-commerce host easy. The prices are important for e-commerce hosting. E-commerce hosting should cost between $ 4 and $ 8 per month for basic e-commerce hosting plans. Why you reimburse extra cash than you encompass too? The point of all e-commerce sites is to make money. Do not start again in the refusal to pay too much for e-commerce hosting.

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The 7 Characteristics of Social Commerce

As the world shifts to social, commerce is shifting as well. It used to be that one could open a product or a service store online, prepare a descriptive sales page, add a shopping cart and begin selling successfully. With the shift to social, traditional e-commerce is fast fading as the preferred mode in which people shop online. What is increasingly becoming necessary is that e-commerce is social. Social E-commerce or Social Commerce, as is increasingly becoming known as, is where e-commerce meets social.

According to Wikipedia, Social commerce is a subset of electronic commerce that involves using social media, online media that supports social interaction and user contributions, to assist in the online buying and selling of products and services. This definition could be even redefined as that Social Commerce is not just a subset of electronic commerce, but rather the preferred method, and very likely the only productive way of future electronic commerce.

So what exactly does Social Commerce mean? There are several characteristics that shape social e-commerce. Sellers desiring to implement social commerce into their trading could look at implementing the following themselves into their own sites, or could leverage social hubs or social marketplaces and begin trading their products and services.

The following characteristics define Social Commerce:

1. As against traditional e-commerce, in the world of Social Commerce, buyers make their decisions to buy or try a product or service, not based just on seller description, but rather based on social reviews by other users

2. Buyers of products and services actively participate in providing feedback and recommendations to friends and others in the community. As such, it becomes very important that the seller closely watches feedback and correct any flaws rapidly so as to cause a change in any negative feedback

3. Users of a Social Hub actively share what they like (and not like), mostly with just a click of the mouse, across various social bookmark locations and social networks. These include Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Delicious etc. Social Commerce is Viral Commerce

4. Increasingly, Social Commerce is also tuned with Mobile Commerce. As such, offers are shared with Mobile QR codes and RSS or Atom feeds making it a snap to share offers, likes and dislikes

5. The user is presented not just with the offer from one Seller, but often with related offers from other Sellers, so the potential Buyer can make a conscious choice looking not just at one offer, but a portfolio of all available offers, complete with reviews, recommendations and ratings.

6. Pictures and Videos are an inherent part of the offer, thus making the process of showcasing what the offer is, complete not just with text, but with images and videos. Such images and videos are shared across image networks and video networks, such as YouTube, thus facilitating additional viral distribution with ease

7. Everything a potential buyer needs to know, i.e. what the offer is, how long the offer will take to deliver, what exactly is needed from the buyer in case any, what payment methods are allowed, what will be delivered etc. is all evident within the description. The Buyer typically need not go anywhere else or click any other links to get a full picture to make a conscious decision.

Ghigg is a Social Commerce [http://www.ghigg.com/welcome] Marketplace where Businesses and Individuals participate in SCommerce [http://www.ghigg.com/register] and Profit. Ghigg enables Social Commerce through Social Sourcing.

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X Commerce – A Daring and Innovative Initiative by eBay Inc

The giant e-commerce company, eBay Inc, recently took over Magento. Magento is one of the world’s most widely used open source platform for Web development (Extensively used for E-commerce development). The takeover was an attempt to produce an innovative and highly flexible platform for developing e-commerce websites. It bundles up various commerce products and capabilities into one single framework. Enjoy some of the most widely used e-commerce applications and products packed in one single package.

eBay has come forward with an exceptionally innovative and revolutionary concept for E-commerce website development. They have introduced “X Commerce” which has more features than any other open source e-commerce development platform available. The project has been supported by many more giants of e-commerce industry that provides this platform various unique functionality.

Some of the capabilities and features of X Commerce are:

X Commerce Developer Package: X Commerce comes with a developer’s package that contains all the documentation, important codes and everything required for getting started with this magnificent framework. This package helps the developers in building and testing websites and applications over this framework.

PayPal Access: The PayPal Access provides enhanced user experience to the users. The Module is easy to integrate in applications and is easily compatible with the iPhone and Android platforms. PayPal is currently the most widely used online payment method. It provides easy functionality by registering users in one single click.

New X Commerce Products: The product page of X Commerce provides various downloads, API reference pages and more. Products are accompanied with proper documentation so that the developers don’t have any problem in working on these products.

Merchant Pricing: X Commerce is a complete package for all the online store owners (or those want to have one) and connects some of the most preferred commerce technologies with the merchants who want to be on the top. The X Commerce connects these merchants to solutions and applications that can play a significant role in growing their business.

How Developers Can Profit: The developers can develop their own applications & extensions and increase their value by offering these extensions in their solutions. The developers can also list and sell their applications by listing then on Magento Connect. It is the most frequently visited commerce application marketplace. Developers can offer Magento Go to the clients who require it and can receive 25% commission on the ongoing monthly subscription.

X commerce is still an untapped territory therefore there are wide opportunities for both merchants and developers in it. The X commerce market is expected to reach $10 trillion by 2013 and therefore the opportunities are going to roll in very fast. The capabilities of the framework make it more flexible and easy to understand than any other e-commerce development platform. The eBay Inc has come forward with an exceptionally great solution for all the e-commerce web development requirements of merchants. It will be very interesting to see how the developers and merchants utilize the platform to its full extent.

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Is Mobile Commerce Really The New Frontier For E-Commerce?

Online shopping is a rage today. In fact, online shopping is so popular that the brick-and-mortar stores are almost standing at the verge of extinction. Online shopping websites or e-commerce websites are currently dominating the world of retail. But we must also keep the immense popularity of Smartphones and Tablets in mind. Due to these WIDs (Wireless Internet Devices), it is even easier to buy products and services on the Internet. And this means that a WID user does not have to rely on the traditional desktop-based offerings, as every aspect of e-commerce is already available in the palm of his hands.

Mobile commerce (or m-commerce) was inevitable; its arrival was impending. Recent reports suggest that mobile Internet usage will take over desktop Internet usage by 2015. Standing at the brink of a major shift in paradigm, “going mobile” is nothing but a very smart game plan. If taken a closer look, however, the strategy behind m-commerce is not complex. It is just the transfer of an existing website into wireless device. The target audience of m-commerce is different when compared to e-commerce. But the end goal of both e-commerce and m-commerce is the same – improved ROI via electronic transaction.

Before we start talking about whether m-commerce is really the new frontier for e-commerce or not, let us look at some interesting facts:

  • Mobile devices are ubiquitous, and the owners heavily rely on them.
  • 1 out of 3 people who receive mobile alerts visit a retail store, and 32% of them make a purchase.
  • 43% of all mobile shoppers download a retail app.
  • 80% of all mobile owners prefer local advertisements, and 72% of them are more likely to take an action.

Milestones of Mobile Commerce

Let us look at the important milestones of mobile commerce:

  • 1973: This year saw the first personal handset. The first portable mobile phone, ‘Motorola Dyna-Tac’, came out.
  • 1977: The Bell Telephone Company receives the license for the cellular plan and they collaborate with AT&T.
  • 1981: The Western Electric gets the permission to create both terminal and cellular products.
  • 1988: The TDMA technology gets discovered, as the CTIA gets established.
  • 2002: Mobile broadband comes to the forefront. HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) also emerged.
  • 2008: The 3.9G technology, it is a revolutionary step that is the closest to the 4G dream.
  • 2011 – After 3 years, we got to see the first glimpse of the 4G technology.

Best Mobile Commerce Strategies

Recent developments suggest that there are 5 strategies that can catapult a mobile commerce campaign:

  • Marketing
  • Bargaining
  • Bargain Hunting
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • Tangible Goods

Why Is Mobile commerce Better?

It is clear from these facts that m-commerce will really become the face of e-commerce in the coming years. But what makes m-commerce so much better? Let us have a look:

#1. Time Efficient: A user does not have to wait until a desktop or a laptop loads. All he has to do is press the on button of the mobile device and login to an e-commerce website.

#2. Personalization: Unlike a desktop or a laptop, a mobile device belongs to a specific user. This means that a user can do anything without having to worry about compromising important information.

#3. Convenience: Last but not the least, a mobile device is very easy to carry. They are light in weight and small. All a user needs is an Internet connection. This means that a user can shop even when he is on the go.

Mainly due to these reasons, mobile commerce or m-commerce is the future and more importantly, the new frontier for e-commerce.

The author hails from California. He is a mobile app developer by profession. In this post, he gives reasons why mobile commerce is the new frontier for e-commerce.

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Three Tips To Explore Export Markets Using E-Commerce Software Solutions

As e-commerce software solutions make their way to the market, business enterprises are eyeing opportunities to tap the export market. The emergence of internet and the World Wide Web have been great drivers of globalization. This assumes a greater significance in the context of international trade. Given that the internet and the World Wide Web offer exposure of a business to a diverse global audience, there are latent opportunities to sell more and sell better not only in the domestic markets, but in the overseas markets as well. While there are legislative and regulatory frameworks that act as barriers to trade, technology drives free trade. E-commerce software solutions can enable companies to showcase their offerings and sell their products and services to an international audience and thus boost earnings. In fact e-commerce software development companies can open hidden gateways to the export market and enable business enterprises to consolidate their overseas business portfolio.

Bringing the Services Sector under E-commerce Model

While there are significant challenges faced by e-commerce companies dealing in merchandise, there are opportunities galore in the services sector. Given that services do not mandate supply chain management, inventory setup and last mile connectivity to the doorstep of the consumer enterprise in the verticals like travel and tourism, software, information technology, outsourcing and legal advisory can embrace the e-commerce model with ease. This calls for the harnessing of simple cost effective and feature rich e-commerce software development that can enable businesses to reach out to a greater audience and hit the target customer profile with a more customized and customer oriented face of business. There are a few factors that need to be borne in mind by both e-commerce companies and e-commerce software solution development companies in order to fulfill this agenda.

E-commerce Web Development for Multi Lingual and Multi Currency Support

For e-commerce business enterprises to successfully crack the code of international business, e-commerce web development must have to embrace multilingual proficiency. This enables consumers and institutions from across the world have access to information and participate in online transactions with the firm. Again the format of accepting payments in diverse currencies can enable firms to penetrate overseas markets with a firm footing. Not only is it in the best interests of customers but also enables firms to truly embrace the dimension of being a global citizen. Payment gateway development and integration for e-commerce that allows companies to accept payments in different currencies are likely to increase traffic to websites and also result in higher and better sales opportunities.

E-commerce Websites with Mobile Friendly Designs

Yet another step towards capturing the overseas market would be the embracing of e-commerce website development with responsive design. This would allow e-commerce companies to customize their offerings to targeted customers in different countries. Mature e-commerce markets witness a greater traffic in the personal device segment that consist of smart phone and tablet users in comparison to the segment of web. Even in other mature e-commerce markets like the where it is trendy for online buyers to research on shopping alternatives it makes enormous good sense to sell using an exclusively dedicated mobile commerce strategy.

E-commerce App Store Optimization

With thousands of e-commerce companies joining on the bandwagon of application development for web and smart phones, there is a teeming clutter of apps. How can a business enterprise get its app noticed by reducing the clutter of apps surrounding it? It is highly recommended that business enterprises check out for the leading mobile and e-commerce app stores in different countries and thus endeavor to get their respective apps optimized. The practice of app store optimization will enable companies to get a better grip of the market in mature markets where competition is cut throat. While this is a relatively new practice, it makes enormous good sense to suggest that this is the future in the fast growing world of applications that are invading the smart phones of users thick and fast. App store optimization will enable companies to market their applications and bring them to the forefront on app stores for higher downloads and usage by customers.

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